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English Vinglish (2012) DVDSCR – Hindi Movie Online – Part 2

Other Parts: English Vinglish (2012) – DVDSCR

Shashi (Sridevi)is a middle-aged Maharashtrian housewife who earns her own money by making sumptuous snacks and selling them to the connoisseurs. She is a dedicated yet taken-for-granted homemaker who is ridiculed for her poor English skills by their English speaking family. Sashi finds herself being an object of constant potshots by her husband(Adil Hussain), who has little respect for her real talent and her 7th grade daughter Sapna who feels ashamed to even introduce her mother to her school folks. So when an underestimated and belittled Shashi flies off to New York to lend a helping hand at her niece’s wedding, she sees an advertisement on a bus grabs the opportunity to enroll herself into English speaking classes that promise to teach the language within a period of four weeks. In no time, Sashi becomes the most committedstudent in her class, starts watching English films at night and doing her homework religiously- all to polish her English reading and writing skills and more importantly to earn respect that she duly deserves from her family. In the midst of her literary pursuit, she also finds her classmate cum friend – a Frenchman (Mehdi Nebbou) getting attracted to her plain simple personality. Yet, despite several barriers that come her way, Shashi manages to achieve her goal which could be an inspiration to many aspiring English learners. The movie ends with Shashi giving a speech (in english) at the wedding and stunning all by finally passing the test which herenglish tutor had set.


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